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If gun control works so well why is there ANY murder in NYC

If gun control works so well why is there ANY murder in NYC

New York City recently celebrated a week free of murders, abruptly ended by murder.

But if Bloomberg’s gun free city is so great why are there any murders?

Funny thing about that.  Somehow, even with a de facto ban on guns criminals STILL use them to kill.  Another funny thing, despite what Bloomberg prattles on about, you can kill people with things OTHER than guns.

There have been 256 murders thus far this year in the city.  Of those only 148 were committed by firearms.  That means 108 people were murdered by something OTHER than a firearm.

With all the gun hating prognosticators using fear tactics to demonize firearms you would think that without  firearm’s forcing people to do evil their would be NO crime without a firearm.

While the NYPD and Bloomberg were patting themselves on the back because they had one week without a murder I took a look at the week before.

From September 30th to October 6th:

  • 11 murders
  • 28 rapes
  • 427 robberies
  • 341 burglaries
  • 938 Grand Larceny
  • 160 GL Auto
  • 935 Assaults
  • 29 Shooting victims
  • 22 Shooting incidents

So even without murders there are still law abiding citizens of New York City that are being rapped and beaten and robbed that have no defense against those who are more powerful or outnumber them.  While murders took a fluke holiday last week crime and the production of victims thanks to the disarmament of the law abiding continued.

What’s not a fluke is that the criminals who committed these crimes rest safely knowing that they can continue on doing so without fear that their victims will be able to stop them.

Let Mayor Bloomberg hang his hat on that.


Oregon “Glock Block” adds new dimension to Neighborhood watch


With the average police response time to the outlying areas of Portland Oregon being between 6.5 to 7 minutes, a neighborhood in bordering Clackamas County has decided that 7 minutes is just too long to wait.

After a growing amount of crime overflow from bordering Portland entered Milwaukie, OR the residents decided that a simple neighborhood watch wasn’t enough, that the County Sheriff miles away wasn’t enough, so they have done what are founders intended.  They have taken up arms to defend themselves.

Affectionately known as “Glock Block”, a group of neighbors have acquired their CCW’s and trained with sidearms in order to defend their neighborhood.  They have gone out and hung fliers to alert criminals that they best move along and find easier targets.



Of course…if other neighborhoods follow this example the criminals will have little choice but to move to another state all together that abhors personal responsibility and gun rights…say coastal California.

But back to what is important.  As the old adage goes, when seconds count the police are only minutes away.  The Glock Block is the proper response to that reality; taking personal responsibility for your own life and property and not passing the buck.

Anti-gunners would have you believe that armed citizens are an anachronism, something out of time suited more for the old west than suburban Oregon.

To that I simply say, the time when American exceptionalism, self reliance and courage becomes an anachronism, we no longer live in America, but rather in far West Europe.

I applaud the citizens of Clackamas County in saying that enough is enough and that they are willing and able to defend their own.  I wish them all the best.

Of course,  not all are happy about this turn of events.  There are always the anti-gunners who would rather see you raped and killed than use a weapon to protect yourself.

But at the end of the day, any real American knows that its better to deal with the emotional issues of killing a criminal than it is to deal with the physical issues of being killed by a criminal.

Seems like the folks on Glock Block understand that just fine.