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Not Gun Free and Proud Of It, Texas School Puts Up Best Sign Ever




This is a great sign and it will definitely be more effective at eliminating threats than the false flag of “Gun Free” Zone signs.

On top of the faculty actually having the tools in which to deal with an active shooter (who in other schools is welcomed to kill at will) the Shamrock Independent School District has also installed 30 new security cameras, an intercom system, and bulletproof windows.

This is one school that actually has taken serious and effective steps to prevent tragedies.  While ghouls such as Bloomberg and Giffords push their gun control agenda in order to disarm the law abiding by exploiting dead children, Shamrock has learned a real lesson from Sandy Hook.

That lesson is that imaginary force fields (gun free zones) and “feeling” safe doesn’t actually do a lick of good in stopping an armed person with evil intent.  After all, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I hope that Shamrock ISD never has to use their security system and final line of defense but I’m sure the parents of the 450 children who go there sleep a little easier at night knowing that there IS a defense.  

Sending heat rounds downrange with a bun in the oven

Sending heat rounds downrange with a bun in the oven

Got wind of a story from our friend at, Regis Giles, about a young pregnant woman who used a handgun to shoot at and scare off two home invaders who busted down her door.

“Alex” (named changed for safety) didn’t like the idea of her husband buying a gun and having one around the house.  Fortunately for her, her husband would not be swayed about protecting his family and he properly instructed her on how to use the sidearm.

In her own words:

A few funny things I take away from that, not funny haha mind you but funny hmmmm.  These burglars were in her home and 911 was on the phone.  Without that gun that she was so against when her husband bought it 7 months earlier this scenario ends differently.  As they say, when seconds count the police are minutes away.  I’m glad “Alex” came around and learned how to use the gun.

I challenge some gun grabbing zealot to tell me how this ended badly for. “Alex”.

That’s the feel good story for the day.  But then I got thinking about shooting while pregnant in general.  Just the existence of sites like pretty much clues people into the fact that firearms are not only a male dominated activity.

But women may face a situation completely apart from their male counterparts and that is pregnancy.  Does it mean they should give up or avoid learning an activity they find enjoyable for safety reasons?


I looked at three possible hazards that shooting may have on the baby.

  • Lead
  • Noise
  • Stress


Lead is bad for anyone but especially so for pregnant women as the toxicity of lead has been associated with decreased birth weight, head circumference, miscarriage, premature delivery and pre-eclampsia.

To avoid exposure from lead a few simple steps can help immensely.  They include where to shoot, what to shoot, and what to wear.

First an foremost, I personally avoid indoor firing ranges as I lean away from trusting the air filtration system of a building because they cannot compare to the natural openness of the great outdoors.  Opting for an outdoor range when it is not crowded is a great way for any blowback from your firearm to dissipate into nature and not cling around an enclosed space waiting for some machine to moderately suck it away.

As for what to shoot, simply buy lead free ammo with a lead free primer.  Now, these “green” bullets are more expensive and are less effective so I will not recommend them for use in your home defense or carry weapon.  But if you want to blast through a hundred rounds or so while pregnant it is a precaution that might be worth it.

Another thing, just to cover your bases and be super extra careful while shooting outdoors with your lead free ammo is a simple respirator.  While perhaps more necessary in an indoor range, if you’re worried about baby a solution to assuage your fears, $20 buys you a good lead HEPA filter Air respirator.


As for noise, guns are loud.  If you can get a silencer all the better.  Though the Federal Government apparently hates hearing and pregnant women thus making getting a silencer both expensive and difficult, if you happen to have access to one it is a great little addition to have for the protection of your great little addition your going to have.

Of course, unlike the movies, silencers are a misnomer and should be referred to as noise suppressants.  It won’t exchange the sound of your hand cannot to that of a soda bottle popping its top.  But it will take the 160 db level shot and knock it down about 30 db.  To put that in comparison chainsaws, rock concerts, rocket engines, pneumatic drills, small firecrackers, and ambulance sirens are rated at 100 to 140 dB.

Mommy will throw in a pair of ear protection that will knock the noise down another 30 db to a relatively negligible level comparitable to a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner.

But what about the baby on board?

The  fetal response to sounds begins around 16 weeks, and the ear is structurally complete by 24 weeks. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, “the hearing threshold (the intensity at which one perceives sound) is approximately 40 dB at 27-29 weeks, and decreases to a nearly adult level of 13.5 dB by 42 weeks of gestation.”  So they can hear what is going on outside.

Some layers of clothing, a foam piece or gel cutout, body armor over your belly etc are all added layers of noise dampening. Plus, depending on the outdoor range they may have seating or low walls which divide your lower body from the handguns discharge thus reducing sound even more for your baby.  Not holding your handgun literally at your belly and having the recoil jab your unborn child does help 😮


Finally stress.  If you are one of those people who irrationally fear guns and the sight or thought of touching or shooting ones makes you have a breakdown, maybe during your pregnancy isn’t the best time to overcome that.

However, if you enjoy shooting or are excited about learning the sport can release a happy dose of endorphins once heat rounds are heading downrange and feel good endorphins make for a happy mommy and baby.



I’m not a doctor so I won’t recommend one way or the other.  What I will say is that with the proper precautions, attire and equipment, going to the shooting range to practice or learning how to defend yourself and the life inside of you is no more dangerous or harmful than any other activity your are going to do during a normal day.


Be it the noise level of a vacuum cleaner, or the trace contaminates when you are going about in a city.  Hell, with these recommendations your baby will be SAFER with you at the range than with you walking down a busy street filled with load traffic, contaminates and germs and whatever else is crawling around unseen to the naked eye.

In that case…for the health of your baby…spend MORE time at the range. 🙂

But on a serious note, learn to use a firearm to defend both yourself and your child.  You are their mother and there may come a time when it’s not an imaginary boogeyman in the closet or under the bed that needs to be defeated but rather the wolves at the gate.

The Gun Controllers’ Nightmare…Real Tales of Self Defense with a Firearm

The Gun Controllers’ Nightmare…Real Tales of Self Defense with a Firearm

Gun Controllers say that law abiding gun owners NEVER stop crime.  They talk in hyperboles that reduce a law abiding person with a gun during a violent encounter to either a catatonic drooling simpleton who will freeze or a trigger happy cowboy who will shoot everyone in site.

And of course the liberal gun hating press goosesteps right along with that notion.  Maybe it’s solely for ideological reasons, maybe it has to do with sensationalizing death for ratings but the truth is there are THOUSANDS of massacres that are stopped every year because someone has a gun.

The gun grabbing zealots like to deny this truth simply because the absence of dead bodies somehow doesn’t convince them that gun owners save lives.  Lets say a teacher at Sandy Hook elementary was armed and killed the intruder before he killed anyone, say he only managed to wound a few kids.

The story would STILL be anti gun, even though he illegally aquired his guns and it was a law abiding teacher who stopped him.  As rational human beings we could point to the fact that there aren’t dozens of dead bodies as proof that an armed citizen saved lives, but the gun control crowd runs screaming from both logic and rationality.

So, sometimes pictures are worth more than words and moving pictures even more so.

Here’s one from May of a man who was attacked in a mugging inside of a Wal-Mart.  The beating was stopped cold when the “victim” pulled out his side arm and the attacker fled in due to the need to change his pee-pee pants

(keep your eye on the man in pink and you only need to watch till the 60 second mark)

This next one includes a thug attempting to rob a store at gun point earlier this week.  The only problem?  Jon Lewis Alexander, the 30 year military veteran with 4 tours in Iraq manning the store, wasn’t too keen on the idea of being held up and quickly turned the tables by pulling his own sidearm and all but shoving it down the would be murderer/robbers throat.

Oh and as for tired and racist stereotype that gun owners are only old white guys?  Here’s a story that occurred on June 22nd of this year when an armed assailant tried to rob more than 30 people in line waiting for the new Lebron James shoes down in Atlanta.

Even though this next one happened last year, I want to include it because it always amuses me.  With the right sound track it is a Benny Hill episode as this 65 year old female business owner fights off an attack on FIVE armed robbers.

Finally, just because I grew up watching Rocky, here’s a montage of gun owners defending their lives and those around them with their firearms.

But according to the gun haters in America you just imagined you saw all those law abiding citizens defending themselves with guns because apparently it NEVER happens.

Yeah…and the Second Amendment is about hunting.

Keep Calm, Carry On and Shoot the Bad Guys.

Obama only cares if you get shot BEFORE you can beat a man to death.


While some of the circumstances are different in regards to the Trayvon Martin attempted murder of George Zimmerman and the actual murder of Delbert Belton at the hands of Demitrius Glenn and Kenan Kenard, I find some things rather telling in their respective fallouts.

Most notably, the deafening silence by those who were so outraged by Trayvon Martin being stopped before he killed Zimmerman.  If it wasn’t for the internet reporting on the death of Delbert Belton I doubt many would ever have heard about it.  It’s not like the “mainstream” media is covering it with circus-like aplomb.

And heaven forbid if anyone even hinted at the idea that two black street thugs killed an 88 year old white man based in part because of racism.

Also, did you even know the names of Demitrius Glenn and Kenan Kinard before you read this?  I recall Martin and Zimmerman being household names for the past 2 years.

Then we have the president,  Mr. Obama.  A while back he went on the air and recounted how if he had a son, he would look just like Trayvon.  First of all, big friggin deal, what does that matter other than to incite some racial overtones on the situation.

Guess what, there are probably MILLIONS of people who have grandfathers and fathers who look like Delbert Belton.  President Obama being one of them.


But no.  Because Delbert Belton was the wrong color his murderers won’t get the added scrutiny of being racists.  In fact, as I wrote yesterday, people such as the Spokane Chief of Police will even try to mitigate their crimes by saying they weren’t hugged enough as children.

The more I think about it the less doubt I have that if Delbert Belton shot and killed his attackers the race baiting machine would have ratcheted up full force against him and President Obama would have found himself with 2 more imaginary sons.


Spokane Police Chief Straub prefers you just roll over and take it

Spokane Police Chief Straub prefers you just roll over and take it

In a story that enraged me so much I took a night to calm down so this article wouldn’t be laced with f-bombs and other expletives, Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub blames 88 year old WWII vet Delbert Belton for his own death.

How did this octogenarian cause his own death?  Did he hurl racist comments at two black teens?  Did he follow them around and make them uncomfortable?  Did he start the fight and/or threaten the thugs?

No.  According to Chief Straub, Delbert Belton caused his own death because he had the audacity to fight back when he was being robbed.  Straub basically is letting the two killers off the hook because they really just wanted to do a quick robbery but that uppity old guy just had to make trouble.

No…seriously.  In Straub’s own words:

“Our information is that the individual (Belton) fought back and that may have made this, you know, a worse situation”

Straub quickly realized that he might have let a little too much truth sneak out there and tried to backpedal from that statement.  Yet after that he went on to blame society coupled with Belton’s courage as reasons that two young people have their lives ruined.


Straub continues:

“It was a robbery that two young people, one of whom was at one point actively involved in basketball, committed on what they perceived to be a victim, and a ready victim,”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does it matter that one of them was actively involved in basketball?!?  Does that somehow negate the brutal beating death of a man who took a bullet on Okinawa nigh 70 years ago?  Once again Straub indicates that Belton should have just been a ready victim and he would be alive.

Straub wasn’t done trying to make these murderers into sympathetic victims:

“One of these individuals was pretty much a standout basketball player — and because nobody wrapped their arms around him, nobody cared enough about him, he’s now going to face murder and robbery charges and, probably, he’s looking at the rest of his life being significantly affected — if not destroyed — by this.”

You know whose life was actually destroyed by this?  DELBERT BELTON.  The innocent man these hooligans beat to death.  And how does Chief Straub know if they were hugged or not growing up?  How does he know anything about them?

Chief Straub should be immediately stripped of his position and fired.  His asinine and cavalier actions with regards to this case show that he doesn’t care about protecting the innocent but more so in coddling and excusing the guilty.

But Straub’s mental disorder goes deeper than this one case.  It is a line of reasoning that is echoed by many gun controllers and others who are anti-self defense.

They believe that fighting back is bad, especially bad if you do so with a gun.  They want you to let the crime just happen for a number of reasons.

They might not have the personal courage to fight back and be responsible for their own safety and therefore they think no one should.

They feel that every criminal just needs a hug and as such shouldn’t have to face injury when committing their crimes.

They believe that a government agency will protect them and as such believe that everyone should just forfeit their right to self defense…because apparently we are just lowly peons who cannot grasp the nuance of being beaten to death and just being beating for a robbery.

I wish Delbert Belton had a gun on his last night on Earth.  I wish he shot those two rabid animals to death and went into his lodge to play pool and never gave them another thought.

Of course, the race baiters of the world would come out of the woodwork and make Belton out to be some racist murderer, because according to Straub it is better to be beaten to death then kill two teens who weren’t hugged enough.

And Straub would probably be railing against the actions of Belton because these two teens would NEVER have really hurt him and they were just misunderstood.

All I can say is that 70 years ago, Delbert Belton answered the call and fought for his country.  Last week he fought for his life and in doing so died a hero.


It is a shame that Chief Straub fights for his murderers.



Insurance for having to use your gun? Ludicrous…but maybe not ridiculous

Insurance for having to use your gun?  Ludicrous…but maybe not ridiculous

The idea that law abiding gun owners would need insurance to cover the costs of legally using their firearms is ludicrous.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is unnecessary.

What do I mean?  One need look no further than the George Zimmerman self defense trial.  Zimmerman gets jumped by a gay-bashing homophobe and pummeled into the sidewalk.  He shoots his attacker to save his own life in a clear case of self defense, yet due to political pressure and the complete absconding of fairness is charged with both a crime AND $500,000 (before lawyer fees) in order to defend himself.

I wish that were the only case in which a gun owner, acting responsibly in defense of their own life was being railroaded by malicious prosecution due to anti gun sentiment or political pressure, but it’s not.

In case you haven’t read here about Sung-Ho Hwang, the President-elect of the New Haven Bar Association was arrested simply because he had the GALL to open carry his sidearm.  Doing so in Connecticut is completely legal mind you so long as you have a permit, which Mr. Hwang does.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to fight in order to get out of it.  And fights cost money.

Then we have Darrell Schooler of Fort Worth who shot at a man attacking him who ALSO HAD A GUN.  Schooler said it took less than two seconds to make the decision to fire his weapon, but it took weeks for him to get out of jail while authorities sorted through the details.  Basically, Schooler’s attacker hit his car window three times with his fist and the butt of his gun before Schooler pulled his weapon and fired, shattering the car window. The man was surprised by the flying glass and shot himself in the arm.  Schooler had “gun use” insurance and he was grateful that he did saying:

“This is insurance I thought I’d never have to use. Without it, I’d probably be in jail for something I didn’t do. God was with me that day. If I had leaned an inch-and-a-half to the left, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. That’s how close I came to getting my head blown off.”

Darrell Schooler needing insurance in order not to be bankrupted or incarcerated for simply saving his own life is an affront and attack on common sense and decency.
What’s next?  The need for women to acquire “Dead Rapist” Insurance.  Because killing a person who is trying to rape you is, according to the Brady Campaign, not the answer…it’s better to just lay back and take it.
When being forced to kill someone who is trying to murder or rape you, you shouldn’t have to worry about being victimized by the legal system.  Too sadly though, it seems the legal system in some districts of this country disagree.  And while fundamentally the need to get “gun-use” insurance is ludicrous, it might not be the worst thing to get.
I mean, if DA’s are just going to ignore Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground and Open Carry laws, how much faith can we really have that you won’t be railroaded by the Gun-Hate express?
With ALL that being said, do not in any way take that to mean that I believe in a  state mandated gun liability scheme.  Those are just scams being floated in anti gun states as a further restriction and penalty to law abiding gun owners.  It is no different than a poll tax for voting and a complete infringement upon our right to keep and bear arms.
Side note: Despite the Brady Campaigns full-on disavowment of the meme below, it WAS on their facebook page.  People saw it, people took snapshots of it, took actual cameras and photoed their screens because they knew the cover was lifted off of what the Brady Campaign REALLY feels and that once the Brady campaign realized that THEY were the fringe and out of touch it would quickly be gone.  I’ve decided not to let them off the hook.

Gay man defends life by shooting attacker who was beating him to death

Gay man defends life by shooting attacker who was beating him to death

In a tranquil town in Florida a homosexual man was taking a walk at night when he passed within sight of a black teenager on the phone.

That teenager believing the the man was a homosexual then proceeded to loop back around to confront him.  That confrontation consisted of the black man using bigoted terminology while knocking the gay man to the ground and beating his face in and smashing his head upon the concrete.

The gay man, instead of being beaten to death in this obvious hate crime, pulls out his pistol and shoots his bigoted attacker once in the chest.  The shot is fatal.  The gay man calls the police and they rule the shooting was justified.

Does this story sound familiar?  It is the scenario that played out between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin but through Martin’s perspective.

You see, the media in all their race baiting glory firstly assumed that Zimmerman was white, because Jorge Mesa shooting a black guy isn’t really all that newsworthy to them.  Once it was made known he was of Peruvian descent they doubled down by inventing the term “white Hispanic”…you know, whatever can keep the racism angle going.

What they failed to address was the fact that Trayvon Martin was a gay bashing homophobe.

In recalling her conversation with Martin, Rachel Jeantel discussed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was gay.  It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman isn’t, Martin BELIEVED that he was and as such decided that the gay man was in need of some bashing…you know…just to let him know that he, Trayvon, doesn’t swing that way.

The national liberal media, as expected, embraced this news with thunderous silence.  Because heaven help them if Zimmerman really was gay and a GUN saved him from being beaten to death by a bigoted gay basher, the meltdown would be epic.  Or most likely they would just stop covering the story completely and try to make it disappear as fast as possible.

At the end of the day you still have these facts:

A member of the community watch taking a walk to keep an eye out for ne’er do wells runs across a gay bashing bigot who attacks him and tries to kill him.

Bottom line…a gun stopped a gay basher in the middle of his hate crime. Everyone has a right to defend themselves regardless of race, creed, color or orientation…of both themselves and their attacker.

How’s that taste liberal media?