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A few facts gun owners should keep in mind


There are a few factoids that gun owners should keep in mind.  These mental notes both remind gun owners of what is important and also are good conversation anecdotes to have with those who might not understand why gun ownership is such an important thing.

  1. Guns only have 2 enemies – rust and politicians.
  2. Gun effectiveness in regards to distance is on a bell curve.  If your target is too far your weapon is ineffective, too close and its effectiveness can be compromised
  3. The average response time of a 911 call is 13 minutes. The response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.
  4. You can either shoot and be judged by your peers or not shoot and take your chances with the goodness of the criminal.
  5. God made all men, Sam Colt made all men equal.  That’s even more true when you include women.
  6. Center mass for bad guys, head-shots for zombies.  If you aim for anything else, you’re wrong.
  7. Guns are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than they are to take lives.
  8. Nations with more guns have less crimes.  Cited from  a study published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.
  9. Nearly every US mass shooting in the past 60 years has taken place in a so called “gun free zone”.
  10. Guns are like fire extinguishers, you may not expect it, but if needed they both should be loaded, ready and accessible.

Just a small list to ruminate on with some points to bring up if anyone every questions why you are carrying a loaded handgun.



Gun Tip of the Day: Aluminum Foil Kills Rust

Gun Tip of the Day: Aluminum Foil Kills Rust

I hate to say it but I let one of my handguns get a little too humid this summer and didn’t do the proper preventive maintenance on it.  So, after spending the summer locked in its case I recoiled in disgust when I saw that it was covered in some parts by surface rust.

Not the kind of rust you can just wipe off mind you…the kind that sticks.

Oddly enough, as I have been restoring a motorcycle recently I had acquired some fantastic rust dissolver that was chewing up and spitting out rust like ole-timey tobacco.

Yet the problem with these rust dissolvers is that they are extremely potent.  The kind you need to wear rubber gloves with and will eat paint right down to the metal.  So they cannot be used on a place that you do not want to see the original metal.

So with dissolver i couldn’t use and my pistol all orangey like it had carotenosis I remembered an old wives tale about how aluminum foil will erase rust.  Literally make it disappear as if by magic.

While I had my doubts (hence no before and after pictures), I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it.


A small piece of foil and a few back and forth’s over the infected areas and the rust was GONE.

No scratching, no abrasions, no damage.

The only thing that remained was a fine white film.  I figure it was some pixie dust or other equally magical remnant.  Instead of washing that off with water I broke out some Hoppe’s No. 9 and gave a light coat.  Toweled that off then added a light coat of oil then wiped that off too.

Color me amazed.

It was like the pistol was fresh from the factory.

I can’t recommend the aluminum foil technique enough.  It is completely amazing.

Surface rust is going to happen, moisture from hunting, from humidity, from our hands and bodies are going to get in there a time or two and if we put up our firearms for a while you may find yourself in a similar situation as me.

Before you shell out for some abrasive solvent or getting it parkerized again, go to your cupboard and pull out some aluminum foil, you may be pleasantly surprised.

And for those of you who do not wish to adhere to “magic” as the explanation for how aluminum foil erases rust I give you the science behind it.

Aluminum oxidizes faster than nearly any other metal, and that is how aluminum foil removes rust.  Rubbing the foil on rust removes the coating of aluminum oxide that covers all metallic aluminum exposed to the air, and the exposed aluminum metal wants to be oxidized so badly that it will actually steal oxygen from iron oxide, aka rust, and reduce it back to iron metal.

It’s a balance of power thing…aluminum demands the oxygen and takes it from the iron.

In summation, to get rid of rust on your firearm:

  1. Get a piece of aluminum foil
  2. Rub that foil on rust spots
  3. With a dry towel wipe the area
  4. Apply Hoppes #9 on the area then wipe off
  5. Apply some gun oil on the area then wipe off
  6. Enjoy your rust free gun.

Sending heat rounds downrange with a bun in the oven

Sending heat rounds downrange with a bun in the oven

Got wind of a story from our friend at, Regis Giles, about a young pregnant woman who used a handgun to shoot at and scare off two home invaders who busted down her door.

“Alex” (named changed for safety) didn’t like the idea of her husband buying a gun and having one around the house.  Fortunately for her, her husband would not be swayed about protecting his family and he properly instructed her on how to use the sidearm.

In her own words:

A few funny things I take away from that, not funny haha mind you but funny hmmmm.  These burglars were in her home and 911 was on the phone.  Without that gun that she was so against when her husband bought it 7 months earlier this scenario ends differently.  As they say, when seconds count the police are minutes away.  I’m glad “Alex” came around and learned how to use the gun.

I challenge some gun grabbing zealot to tell me how this ended badly for. “Alex”.

That’s the feel good story for the day.  But then I got thinking about shooting while pregnant in general.  Just the existence of sites like pretty much clues people into the fact that firearms are not only a male dominated activity.

But women may face a situation completely apart from their male counterparts and that is pregnancy.  Does it mean they should give up or avoid learning an activity they find enjoyable for safety reasons?


I looked at three possible hazards that shooting may have on the baby.

  • Lead
  • Noise
  • Stress


Lead is bad for anyone but especially so for pregnant women as the toxicity of lead has been associated with decreased birth weight, head circumference, miscarriage, premature delivery and pre-eclampsia.

To avoid exposure from lead a few simple steps can help immensely.  They include where to shoot, what to shoot, and what to wear.

First an foremost, I personally avoid indoor firing ranges as I lean away from trusting the air filtration system of a building because they cannot compare to the natural openness of the great outdoors.  Opting for an outdoor range when it is not crowded is a great way for any blowback from your firearm to dissipate into nature and not cling around an enclosed space waiting for some machine to moderately suck it away.

As for what to shoot, simply buy lead free ammo with a lead free primer.  Now, these “green” bullets are more expensive and are less effective so I will not recommend them for use in your home defense or carry weapon.  But if you want to blast through a hundred rounds or so while pregnant it is a precaution that might be worth it.

Another thing, just to cover your bases and be super extra careful while shooting outdoors with your lead free ammo is a simple respirator.  While perhaps more necessary in an indoor range, if you’re worried about baby a solution to assuage your fears, $20 buys you a good lead HEPA filter Air respirator.


As for noise, guns are loud.  If you can get a silencer all the better.  Though the Federal Government apparently hates hearing and pregnant women thus making getting a silencer both expensive and difficult, if you happen to have access to one it is a great little addition to have for the protection of your great little addition your going to have.

Of course, unlike the movies, silencers are a misnomer and should be referred to as noise suppressants.  It won’t exchange the sound of your hand cannot to that of a soda bottle popping its top.  But it will take the 160 db level shot and knock it down about 30 db.  To put that in comparison chainsaws, rock concerts, rocket engines, pneumatic drills, small firecrackers, and ambulance sirens are rated at 100 to 140 dB.

Mommy will throw in a pair of ear protection that will knock the noise down another 30 db to a relatively negligible level comparitable to a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner.

But what about the baby on board?

The  fetal response to sounds begins around 16 weeks, and the ear is structurally complete by 24 weeks. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, “the hearing threshold (the intensity at which one perceives sound) is approximately 40 dB at 27-29 weeks, and decreases to a nearly adult level of 13.5 dB by 42 weeks of gestation.”  So they can hear what is going on outside.

Some layers of clothing, a foam piece or gel cutout, body armor over your belly etc are all added layers of noise dampening. Plus, depending on the outdoor range they may have seating or low walls which divide your lower body from the handguns discharge thus reducing sound even more for your baby.  Not holding your handgun literally at your belly and having the recoil jab your unborn child does help 😮


Finally stress.  If you are one of those people who irrationally fear guns and the sight or thought of touching or shooting ones makes you have a breakdown, maybe during your pregnancy isn’t the best time to overcome that.

However, if you enjoy shooting or are excited about learning the sport can release a happy dose of endorphins once heat rounds are heading downrange and feel good endorphins make for a happy mommy and baby.



I’m not a doctor so I won’t recommend one way or the other.  What I will say is that with the proper precautions, attire and equipment, going to the shooting range to practice or learning how to defend yourself and the life inside of you is no more dangerous or harmful than any other activity your are going to do during a normal day.


Be it the noise level of a vacuum cleaner, or the trace contaminates when you are going about in a city.  Hell, with these recommendations your baby will be SAFER with you at the range than with you walking down a busy street filled with load traffic, contaminates and germs and whatever else is crawling around unseen to the naked eye.

In that case…for the health of your baby…spend MORE time at the range. 🙂

But on a serious note, learn to use a firearm to defend both yourself and your child.  You are their mother and there may come a time when it’s not an imaginary boogeyman in the closet or under the bed that needs to be defeated but rather the wolves at the gate.

This holiday weekend, hit the shooting range and patron pro gun businesses…here’s how.


If, like many Americans you find yourself on a long weekend, be it near home or on a trip, here are 2 sites that you might want to consult in order to maximize your enjoyment this holiday.

For anyone who shoots on a regular basis you probably know where all the ranges are near your house.  But what about when you are visiting family or friends, or just out of town on vacation?

Well, if you are in need of finding a range to squeeze off some rounds look no further than

This site gives you a list of ranges that you can easily find either by state or zip code.  The site even breaks down the ranges by what they offer and provide, such as Archery, handgun, rifle, retail, rental, women or youth programs etc.

Not only that, if you have a range that you like and it is not listed, the site is a cooperative in which you can submit the range and bolster their catalog.

If you are like me, and considering how many “I like guns and coffee” folk read this blog many of you are, you like to patronize businesses that support your rights to keep and bear arms.  Or at the very least are not actively supporting the infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

While you may know of the businesses around you that have pro and anti gun policies when you are on a trip or vacation, how can you know that your businesses as a gun owner will be welcome?

The answer can be found at

This site is also a cooperative catalog of experiences and interactions that gun owners have had with businesses around the country.  Using google maps as their template, allows you to easily find businesses and read the experience and ratings that gun owners who have gone their before had.

While I admit that some areas are vastly underrepresented, it is a work in progress and as more gun owners utilize the site the information and number of businesses covered will improve.

All in all, have a fun safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


Who needs a gun? How about old people

Who needs a gun?  How about old people

It is often regurgitated by the gun grabbing zealots that firearms are just an unnecessary holdover from our country’s founding.  That the 2nd Amendment is some anachronism that should be purged from the modern era and relegated to the pages of history.

Even if we set aside the understanding that the 2nd Amendment is included in the BIll of Rights as one of the pillars of our liberty in order to defend against tyranny, the need for firearms is ever present.

Why?  Because bad people exist in the world.  And those bad people prey upon those who are weaker than they.  Sometimes these cowardly curs join with others like them to form packs.

And with size and numbers these bottom feeding scumbags have little fear of the unarmed person they will victimize.

Unarmed people like 88 year old Delbert Belton of Spokane Washington who was  robbed and beaten to death with flashlights by two black punks while he was going to play pool.

Unarmed people like 99 year old Fannie Gumbinger who had her Poughkeepsie NY home broken into and was beaten to death by the burglar.

Unarmed people like 92 year old Arteria King who was beaten to death in earshot of his bedridden wife and then his wife’s 50 year old aid was sodomized by the home invader and murderer, while Arteria lay dying on the floor.

Unarmed people like 63 year old Richard Eley of Philadelphia when he was beaten to death inside his own home by his 23 year old neighbor.

Would being armed have saved the lives of these elderly people?  Maybe, maybe not, but it would have given them the chance to fight or scare off their attackers instead of being snuffed out like lambs to the slaughter by people 60 years their junior.

It is said that “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal”.

I do not expect many octogenarians to fight off a pair of teenage hooligans, but I can imagine our senior citizens have the ability to squeeze a trigger and either force the attackers to stop or at least reconsider their intentions.

There are too many stories like Delbert Belton.  There are too many rabid dogs in the world.  It is a good notion for the elderly (and others) to have the means to put down these mongrels when they are being beset by them.

If you don’t practice gun safety…don’t teach gun safety

If you don’t practice gun safety…don’t teach gun safety

Earlier this week an instructor for a gun safety class in Lancaster Ohio shot one of his students by “accident”.  I quoted accident because while 73 year old instructor Terry Dunlop Sr. didn’t intend to shoot 26 yr old Michael Piemonte, yet it wasn’t an accident…it was negligence.

If you are teaching a class on gun safety you should adhere to what you teach and first and foremost in that is this: Treat all guns as if they are loaded. While Dunlop has not commented on his negligence Piemonte states that it appeared that Dunlap did not know that the gun was loaded.

These are how tragedies happen. For any gun owner, such an oversight must not be taken lightly but for those who are given the responsibility to TEACH others how to be safe it is down right intolerable.   Fortunately Piemonte took the round in the arm after it ricocheted and should make a full recovery. Fate happened to be with him that day as a large number of his class were nurses who stabilized the wound before making it to Columbus Hospital.

This isn’t the only case of someone being shot by a person teaching about gun safety and thanks to the wonders of technology you can actually SEE someone with a negligent discharge while teaching a class

I especially like the part where this agent states that he…the police officer…is the only one professional enough to carry a glock 40.  I could write an entire article on that thought alone.

And if you are in a class and the instructor is teaching and hasn’t shot himself in the leg (or anyone else) don’t feel that you are obligated to do so.  Last spring, in Virginia, Michael Deel should have paid better attention to the instructor before he shot himself in the hand with the bullet then traveling and striking his wife in the leg. Michael Deel is quoted as calling it a “stupid accident”.

He’s wrong, it was stupid negligence. Accidents happen beyond our control and we usually have little control to prevent them. Negligence is completely in our hands and absolutely avoidable.

I’ll end with a friendly reminder of the 4 rules of Colonel Jeff Cooper:

  • All guns are always loaded. (even if they’re not, treat them as if they are)
  • Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.


Insurance for having to use your gun? Ludicrous…but maybe not ridiculous

Insurance for having to use your gun?  Ludicrous…but maybe not ridiculous

The idea that law abiding gun owners would need insurance to cover the costs of legally using their firearms is ludicrous.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is unnecessary.

What do I mean?  One need look no further than the George Zimmerman self defense trial.  Zimmerman gets jumped by a gay-bashing homophobe and pummeled into the sidewalk.  He shoots his attacker to save his own life in a clear case of self defense, yet due to political pressure and the complete absconding of fairness is charged with both a crime AND $500,000 (before lawyer fees) in order to defend himself.

I wish that were the only case in which a gun owner, acting responsibly in defense of their own life was being railroaded by malicious prosecution due to anti gun sentiment or political pressure, but it’s not.

In case you haven’t read here about Sung-Ho Hwang, the President-elect of the New Haven Bar Association was arrested simply because he had the GALL to open carry his sidearm.  Doing so in Connecticut is completely legal mind you so long as you have a permit, which Mr. Hwang does.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to fight in order to get out of it.  And fights cost money.

Then we have Darrell Schooler of Fort Worth who shot at a man attacking him who ALSO HAD A GUN.  Schooler said it took less than two seconds to make the decision to fire his weapon, but it took weeks for him to get out of jail while authorities sorted through the details.  Basically, Schooler’s attacker hit his car window three times with his fist and the butt of his gun before Schooler pulled his weapon and fired, shattering the car window. The man was surprised by the flying glass and shot himself in the arm.  Schooler had “gun use” insurance and he was grateful that he did saying:

“This is insurance I thought I’d never have to use. Without it, I’d probably be in jail for something I didn’t do. God was with me that day. If I had leaned an inch-and-a-half to the left, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. That’s how close I came to getting my head blown off.”

Darrell Schooler needing insurance in order not to be bankrupted or incarcerated for simply saving his own life is an affront and attack on common sense and decency.
What’s next?  The need for women to acquire “Dead Rapist” Insurance.  Because killing a person who is trying to rape you is, according to the Brady Campaign, not the answer…it’s better to just lay back and take it.
When being forced to kill someone who is trying to murder or rape you, you shouldn’t have to worry about being victimized by the legal system.  Too sadly though, it seems the legal system in some districts of this country disagree.  And while fundamentally the need to get “gun-use” insurance is ludicrous, it might not be the worst thing to get.
I mean, if DA’s are just going to ignore Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground and Open Carry laws, how much faith can we really have that you won’t be railroaded by the Gun-Hate express?
With ALL that being said, do not in any way take that to mean that I believe in a  state mandated gun liability scheme.  Those are just scams being floated in anti gun states as a further restriction and penalty to law abiding gun owners.  It is no different than a poll tax for voting and a complete infringement upon our right to keep and bear arms.
Side note: Despite the Brady Campaigns full-on disavowment of the meme below, it WAS on their facebook page.  People saw it, people took snapshots of it, took actual cameras and photoed their screens because they knew the cover was lifted off of what the Brady Campaign REALLY feels and that once the Brady campaign realized that THEY were the fringe and out of touch it would quickly be gone.  I’ve decided not to let them off the hook.