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If gun control works so well why is there ANY murder in NYC

If gun control works so well why is there ANY murder in NYC

New York City recently celebrated a week free of murders, abruptly ended by murder.

But if Bloomberg’s gun free city is so great why are there any murders?

Funny thing about that.  Somehow, even with a de facto ban on guns criminals STILL use them to kill.  Another funny thing, despite what Bloomberg prattles on about, you can kill people with things OTHER than guns.

There have been 256 murders thus far this year in the city.  Of those only 148 were committed by firearms.  That means 108 people were murdered by something OTHER than a firearm.

With all the gun hating prognosticators using fear tactics to demonize firearms you would think that without  firearm’s forcing people to do evil their would be NO crime without a firearm.

While the NYPD and Bloomberg were patting themselves on the back because they had one week without a murder I took a look at the week before.

From September 30th to October 6th:

  • 11 murders
  • 28 rapes
  • 427 robberies
  • 341 burglaries
  • 938 Grand Larceny
  • 160 GL Auto
  • 935 Assaults
  • 29 Shooting victims
  • 22 Shooting incidents

So even without murders there are still law abiding citizens of New York City that are being rapped and beaten and robbed that have no defense against those who are more powerful or outnumber them.  While murders took a fluke holiday last week crime and the production of victims thanks to the disarmament of the law abiding continued.

What’s not a fluke is that the criminals who committed these crimes rest safely knowing that they can continue on doing so without fear that their victims will be able to stop them.

Let Mayor Bloomberg hang his hat on that.

NY’s SAFE Act: Making It Safe For Bikers To Beat A Father Protecting His Family Half To Death

NY’s SAFE Act: Making It Safe For Bikers To Beat A Father Protecting His Family Half To Death

Gov. Cuomo’s keystone gun control legislation, the SAFE Act,, has lived up to its name by protecting a group of renegade bikers while they terrorized a family and beat the father half to death.

On the West Side Highway of New York City, in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight a biker gang known as the Hollywood Stuntz pulled in front of SUV of Alexian Lien and slowed to a stop.  At which point the biker gang began to smash the vehicle with their helmets and slashed the tires with knives while LIen’s wife and young child were trapped inside.  Lien, fearing for the safety of his family accelerated through the biker blockade, hitting several bikers, in his attempt to escape.

The Stuntz gave pursuit for 50 blocks before Lien’s slashed tires finally gave out and he had to get off the highway, at which point the biker gang pulled Lien from his car and beat him to the point that he needed to be hospitalized.

I guess we can thank both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act that no bikers were harmed in this situation.

Because that is what the SAFE Act and Bloomberg’s personal war on self defense has allowed.  A group of criminals can wantonly and without fear of repercussion use their superior numbers to terrorize and beat people to within an inch of their lives (or worse).

Not only is having a gun for self protection by a law abiding citizen all but illegal in New York City, the SAFE Act’s idiotic ammo limitations only affected a law abiding citizens in the first place.

Who needs a handgun with 15 rounds of ammo?  MAYBE THE INNOCENT GUY BEING CHASED BY 20 PLUS BIKERS OUT FOR BLOOD!

I am positive that if Mr. Lien was legally allowed to carry a handgun with a 15 round magazine or stored a sporting rifle in his SUV that this outcome would have ended much better for him.  A few shots is usually all it takes for a mob to lose its courage and reveal its cowardice.

These measures of the SAFE Act and Bloomberg’s de facto ban on firearms for the law abiding in the city are directly responsible for Mr. Lien’s inability to fight off a biker gang who were endangering his wife and child and ultimately put him in the hospital.

And as for waiting on Bloomberg’s police force to come and save you?  Don’t hold your breath.  I’m not talking about the adage “When seconds count police are minutes away”.  I’m talking about the fact that there was an officer THERE while the beat down was going on and he just stood there and watched.  New York’s Finest indeed.

So even when the police are there…that doesn’t mean that they’ll be “there”.  And Alexian Lien is left to fend for himself in the face of this:



And the Stuntz were nice enough to capture the chase and beginning of the beat down on video.


This is what the SAFE Act and gun control in general gets you.  I hope Cuomo is happy.


Gun Control working to facilitate hate crimes in New York City

Gun Control working to facilitate hate crimes in New York City

As hate crime mob beatings in New York City continue to escalate in ferocity as well as in frequency, gun control appears to be working as it was intended.  In that, the people most prone to be attacked aren’t having to sink to the level of shooting their attackers and can take the moral highroad of being beaten, sometimes to death.

Of course I am being facetious with the previous sentence in response to this online meme the Brady Campaign came out with a while back


But even though the Brady Campaign tries to backpedal from the above ad that was featured on their facebook page, and other gun control groups distance themselves from the sentiment the fact is that gun control’s end result is exploiting the weak and the few to the whims of the strong and the many.

Just like a 100lb woman will find it difficult to fight off three 200+lb rapists so too will a 31 yr old Columbia University Professor have difficulty fighting off 20 hooligans on bikes.

That story happened earlier this week as Prof. Prabjot Singh, a sikh, was singled out and attacked because the gang of hoodlums took him for a muslim (as if that somehow made it right).  Singh, who was unarmed like everyone except the rich and connected in New York City, was left to try and fight off his attackers.  The attackers who outnumbered him TWENTY to ONE.

Fortunately for Singh, eventually passerby’s intervened and stopped the attack but not until Singh had gotten most of his teeth knocked out and received a fractured jaw.  Chalk another victim up to gun control.

Then you have the hate crime onslaught against homosexuals in New York City.  Anti-gay hate crimes are set to DOUBLE this year.  Just last month a couple was hospitalized by the beating they received by a groups of attackers as they were walking hand in hand in Chelsea.

Then you have the story of 32-year-old Mark Carson, a gay man who was walking on W. Eighth Street near Sixth Avenue with his boyfriend.  He was shot in the face and killed at point-blank range.

But…i mean…gun control is supposed to stop people from having guns.  Well, only the law abiding I guess.  And to all the anti-gun people who want to point out that having a gun wouldn’t have saved Mr. Carson’s life, before firing his .38 revolver, 33-year-old Elliot Morales taunted the man, calling him a “queer” and a “faggot”.

If he had enough time to taunt the person he murdered, then Mr. Carson (or his partner) would have had enough time to at least draw their weapon and fight.

But that’s the rub.  Gun Controllers don’t want you to fight back.  They just want you to sit there and die.  Because to them, guns can never be the answer and just because they have no success stopping criminals from having guns doesn’t mean they will cease stopping the law abiding from defending themselves.

To gun controllers, guns are not the answer because guns can never be the answer or else their entire argument implodes on itself.

The 2nd Amendment protects against tyranny.  Not only the tyranny of a government, but the tyranny of the mob.  The tyranny brought on by rapists, racists, gay-bashers, haters and bullies of the world.

These tyrants are only stopped when they are STOPPED.  Either at the end of a barrel or with some customized ventilation.

Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement; the touch of death?

Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement; the touch of death?

Money can buy you a lot of things but apparently it can’t buy you love.

Even after contributing $350,000 of his own money (by himself equaling the total of those in favor of recall) and using his MAIG henchmen to try and save Morse and Giron in their bid NOT to become the first politicians ever to be recalled from office in the state of Colorado, Bloomberg was getting no love from Angela Giron.

Last weekend Giron was asked what it would mean if, despite his efforts, Bloomberg and his group were unable to deliver and protect her’s and Morse’s jobs.  Giron responded:

“For Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if they lose even one of these seats, they might as well fold it up and they understand that.”

Though I would argue that Bloomberg and MAIG understand anything I think Giron has a point.  By failing to protect either of these seats, even though the money raised to protect them was 6 times the money raised to remove them, Bloomberg was exposed on several fronts.

  • Politics in the Blue North East do not play in the majority of the country
  • Gun Control is a loser plank to run on as it will inevitably come down to Pro Liberty or anti liberty.  The latter being what gun control is really all about.
  • Bloomberg and crew are pretty impotent on delivering.
  • Second only to the matter at hand, Bloomberg is a motivating factor for those opposed to his New York City, nanny state, anti gun ways and will come out to beat him.  Recall Spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns; the recall  “represent[ed] the folks who live here, work here, and simply want their state back from the East Coast special interests like Mayor Bloomberg.”

I mean, even though Giron’s district is overwhelmingly Democrat and Obama won it by 20 points last election, she lost by double digits in the recall.  A mountain Democrat in Colorado is different from a city Democrat in the East Village.  Bloomberg thinks his brand carries…he is mistaken.

But Giron, even if she tries to backpedal on her statements now that she actually lost, was right.  You can’t go around interfering in races, becoming part of what the opposition uses, putting your brand on the line and LOSE without cutting the legs out from under yourself.

That is why Bloomberg may not find Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe a welcoming supplicant for his endorsement.  With polls showing the race anywhere from a toss-up to McAuliffe having an 8 point lead the interjection of the NY Nanny Tyrant may be exactly the boost McAuliffe’s opponent, Ken Cuccinelli.

McAuliffe all ready refuses to answer questions about “assault” weapons bans (that he previous endorsed before running for governor) and only mentions background checks when cornered.  While that may dupe some people into believing he is not a gun grabbing politician, the entering of Bloomberg and his circus on McAuliffe’s behalf will give him no  room to maneuver around the point.

Bloomberg’s support has come with the stigma of radical gun grabber.  And while that may play in a handful of states, it doesn’t play in Virginia.

Yet somehow, drunk on their own kool-aid, MAIG will continue to force themselves into races in which they aren’t welcomed by those they endorse for some reasoning I don’t quite have the mental judo to comprehend.

 “Win, lose, or draw, this will send a message to legislators who take risks to protect their community,” said MAIG’s Mark Glaze. “We will have their back”

Huh?  Message?  The only message sent to Giron and Morse was that ignoring your constituency for too long makes you lose your job regardless of how much money Bloomberg spends to protect it.

Bloomberg finds himself on a sinking ship from which his own members are jumping from (over 50 mayors have left since February) others are criminals themselves, he is impotent to positively impact a race for his endorsed candidate outside of heavily Blue states (and maybe not even then, ask Mayoral Candidate Quinn), and the people he does endorse call on him to perform seppuku for his failures.

If that isn’t a recipe for Bloomberg’s endorsement to be a touch of death to any red or purple state politician I don’t know what is.

Colorado recall: Is you or is you ain’t my constituency?



First, let me say that I am excited about the Colorado recall election today.  I love to see representative democracy at work.  The kind that exists in a Republic in which those elected are held accountable to those they represent.

Furthermore, despite the lawsuits and strong arm tactics that those who are subject to the recall tried to put forth in order to deny democracy it’s due, liberty will have her day. But with all the hoopla and hyperbole on this election, one might miss what is actually on the line with today’s election.

The answer is: a small pebble.

Huh?!?! Allow me to elaborate.

If the recall succeeds then tangibly, two anti gun sitting members of the Colorado general assembly get replaced by vocally pro gun candidates. That’s about the extent of it.  The General assembly doesn’t change majority, there is no immediate revocation of all the damage that Morse and Giron helped contribute to.  Hickenlooper is still fully on board the crazy train to tyranny town.

A little dissappointing? Ahhh…but you know what you can do with a pebble? You can throw it in a lake.


It is the intangibles of this race that will have the biggest impact.  Like when a pebble is tossed into still water, the ripples it creates go far and wide.  So too, does this election have the potential.

If the recall succeeds, Bloomberg is hoisted on his own petard (ironically) thinking that he can push his nanny state, gun control tyranny on the rest of the country.  His $350,000 he put forward to try and squash the grassroots uprising in Colorado being for naught.  He’ll still have billions to waste but it will give his image as a player in national politics a serious black eye.

And while the law frowns upon me from punching the man in the face (and my own moral upbringing) I guess I will settle for him receiving a metaphorical shiner.

The ripples extend to the Capitals of other states as well.  A successful recall will keep skittish 2nd Amendment “supporters” in check and nip any anti gun thoughts in the bud in traditional pro gun states.

But a pebble does not make a tsunami in and of itself.  Cuomo and Bloomberg aren’t going to be run out on a rail in New York.  Massachusetts isn’t going to get back to its Revolutionary roots and embrace gun ownership with open arms.  California isn’t going to get out of it’s liberal induced haze and roll back those citizen punishing infringements. Those states will have to wait for a tsunami type event, be it a Supreme Court decision or a surprise election swing.

But in Colorado, where to General Assembly members are facing the wrath of their constituency the little pebbles can start the wave. From there, it is up to us to see what that wave turns into.

But for now, Morse and Giron have until 7pm until this question is answered:

Of course…if this recall election fails to remove these haters of the 2nd Amendment who the liberty of law abiding citizens…that ripple can go in a very unpleasing direction.

UPDATE:  Both Morse and Giron are recalled.  The pebble is cast, let us see how big the ripples get.  Morse made it close and only losing by only about 2% while Giron was pretty much run out of office on a rail a la Homer Stokes losing her recall election by roughly 15%.

Hmmm…shades of 1994 perhaps.  Gun control is a losing issue.  I hope the politicians who believe in gun control never realize that.  Easier to keep them out of office that way.

Rocky Mountain Showdown, T-Minus 1 week

Rocky Mountain Showdown, T-Minus 1 week

It’s not often that September brings election day excitement like that found currently in Colorado.  With the recall election of two anti-liberty state senators, the stage is set for an election on September 10th that will reverberate throughout the country.

What is at stake for both Colorado and the rest of the country? The very fundamental basis of representative governance.  In that, are elected officials free to disregard the will of their constituency and pass unconstitutional laws that restrict the rights of said constituency?

A lot of people say that is what we have elections for, but what if actions are so egregious, or the governance is so inept and damaging that waiting for terms to end may cause irrevocable harm?

This is what the ability to recall is meant for.  And shame on those who find themselves on the wrong side of recalls who say otherwise.

People like gun grabbing Colorado Governor Hickenlooper who stated:

“These recall elections cost a small fortune and do nothing to improve democracy or representative government.  They are intended to intimidate and punish a select number of Democratic legislators for daring to vote their conscience — for daring to do the right thing to make their communities safer”

No, Governor Hickenlooper, your lap dogs that gave you the rights infringing bill in the first place aren’t being punished for voting their conscience, they are being held accountable for telling their constituency to suck it.  

I find it rather pathetic that you would try to make this into some maneuver in which you are painting Democrats as being victims.  Going so far as supporting an appeal to the courts in order to stop the process.  I guarantee you that if there were a Republican who voted for the rights infringing bills you champion then they would be being recalled at this moment as well.

But I do wonder, Gov. Hickenlooper, if it were Republicans who were being recalled for NOT voting for your gun control legislation would you be bemoaning the costs and how “unfair” it was to those Republicans who were voting THEIR conscience?  Hmmm…i wonder…

Anyways, what will the outcomes of the recall elections next Tuesday mean?

If the recall elections fail and both gun grabbing, freedom hating Senators  Morse and Giron survive then it will bolster Mayor Bloomberg’s clout on the National stage as he has poured in over $1 million to defend them.  It will also encourage other politicians to disregard the will of their constituency to pass whatever rights infringing bill that comes before them as they will see any backlash as impotent.

So, a failed recall will help gun grabbers, New York Nanny-Mayors and tyranny in general.

But, if the recall elections are a success it will once again reaffirm the greatness that is America.  That the people aren’t just an afterthought of politicians that are noticed every couple years come election time.  That we are not peons helpless to the dictates of the body politic.  A successful recall will put the rest of the politicians in this country (Republicans, Democrats et al) on notice that their actions and votes have repercussions and consequences and that they can only thumb their nose at the voters for so long before the voters strike back.

It will also prove that the whim and dictates of an East Coast Billionaire cannot buy the electoral process and that grass roots will beat astro turf hands down.  (no seriously, click on that hyperlink to see the difference in photos)

Revolutions after all, come in many forms.


Bloomberg…dude…when no one shows up perhaps 90% just ain’t so

Bloomberg…dude…when no one shows up perhaps 90% just ain’t so

Bloomberg’s dog and pony show, aka No More Names Bus Tour, has a bit of a logistical problem.  No one is showing up.

In case you haven’t heard of this bus tour, it is a bus with a bunch of names of people killed by firearms that Bloomberg says he is honoring (like the Boston Marathon Bomber) and the gun ctonrollers drive across the country and try to hold rallies to push their agenda.

The funny part is that in order not to be overwhelmed by people who believe in liberty and freedom the bus tour doesn’t actually announce publicly where it is going to be.  It just kind of shows up and hopes that the magical “90%” of Americans who agree with them will show up.

What they get is more like this:



Des Moines




Chester PA


Missoula, MT


(the above picture isn’t of her alone for effect, there are no other shadows on the ground, their is no crowd around her)

Now remember, a lot of the people you see in these photos are RIDING THE BUS.

And while I jest that Bloomberg’s magical mystical bus tour doesn’t tell anyone about where its stopping, they don’t promote it openly but DO tell their ardent supporters of where it’s going to be.  Mostly through social media, emails and the like.

THESE are the ardent supporters of gun control?

Sounds about right.

When even your billions of dollars cannot generate minuscule results of “astro-turf”, I believe it is telling on who has real support.

And what happens when they were publicly announcing their tour dates (or gun owners found out anyways)?

People who actually believe in a cause showed up.  Unfortunately for NYC’s number 1 nanny it was these people:

Atlanta (outnumbering GC’ers 3 to 1)


Not overwhelming numbers mind you, but then again its not our rally, it a counter rally.  But with a three to one margin you get the sense of where the real energy is.

Besides, when we do feel the need to make our voices heard, we don’t need the prodding of a New York City billionaire.








Gun Rallies NY

Of course, as gun owners we don’t really care who knows about our rallies because we truly are grassroots and the billionaire nanny can rail against that fact all he wants but the truth is in the turnout.

And look at the location of these gun rights rallies.  Philadelphia, Lansing, Olympia and ALBANY.  These aren’t the stereotypical hotbed of 2nd Amendment activism.  Just another chip away at the big lie the gun grabbing press and those they work with.

Belief in the 2nd Amendment and the liberty it ensures transcends geography, race, economic standing and gender.

It’s hard to get excited about someone else controlling your life and as such our rallies will continue to be bigger than theirs.



Edit: thanks to one of our readers for providing this photo of a pro-gun rally in MARYLAND of all places


Thousands show up in a rights infringing state like Maryland.  Just goes to show, like in Albany NY, where their is tyranny, there are those willing to stand up and fight against it.