Welcome to Bullets First.

About me, my name is Tony Oliva, formerly the Director of Media Relations for Gun Owners of America.   I have recently left GOA in order to pursue my own path in regards to the 2nd Amendment as well as the defense of all liberties that the 2nd inherently protects.

A quick explanation of the name.  Bullets first is a state of mind, it speaks of an idea that has been around from before the invention of gunpowder.

In ancient Greece, King Leonidas was told by the would be Persian Conquerors to lay down his weapons and submit to the subjugation of his people his response was “Molon Labe”.  Come and take these weapons.

Bullets First is a modernization of that sentiment.  If you want to subjugate a population you must disarm them.   The Spartans gave their weapons to the Persians…pointy end first.  To be Free…today we can expect to do no less.

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