Gun Control Success: CA teacher murdered in front of students by knife.

Gun Control Success: CA teacher murdered in front of students by knife.

53 year old teacher Kellye Taylor was murdered in front of her students during recess by the father of her grandchildren, Steven Brown.

Taylor was overpowered by the younger man and fatally stabbed in the neck.

Is this what successful gun control looks like?

What I see is that an older woman who could not overpower her attacker was murdered in front of her students and could not have carried a firearm to defend herself.  The equalizer that the 2nd Amendment is supposed to guarantee would have given her a fighting chance yet was denied her.

This is the real effect that gun control has.  It disarms the law abiding and leaves vulnerable the small, the old, and the weak.  Now those who are bigger, younger and stronger can rape rob and murder without real fear of repercussions during their crime.  Sure the cops can come later and make the chalk lines and arrest the guilty for what little good it does the victim.

I would wager that the vast majority of rape victims would prefer that the only bodily fluid on them from their would be rapist was the blood splatter from where they shot the rapist dead.

How does gun control view that outcome?



Are the gun control zealots now going to focus on cutlery control? Police recovered the “sharp instrument” used in the attack.  A sharp instrument could be almost anything from a box cutter to an ice pick.  These tools have valid and legal uses but can be used improperly as well.  Of course, that is true with firearms as well yet the gun controllers don’t really care about that.

Now, gun controllers might say, “if gun control wasn’t as tough in California, Brown might have shot Taylor”.

So?  It’s not like Taylor would have ended up any more dead.  Yet, perhaps she might have survived if she had been allowed to have the tools which would have facilitated her defense.

Alas, she was denied that right and as such the war on women in California continues.


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  1. And what about the effect this has on her students? What kind of psychological impact to them? Will they ever be able to live normal lives?

    • very good point Dick. I doubt they’ll ever have fun at recess again. And it’s not the violence of the matter or that someone died but rather who. If Mrs. Taylor was allowed to defend herself and kill her attacker the children would take it in stride because bad guys are supposed to be the ones who lose. It’s much easier to explain it when the bad guy who was going to do a bad thing was stopped by their teacher.

      That lesson teaches one of strength and self reliance. The lessen they learned instead was one of fear and being helpless at the will of predators.

  2. I’ll bet she was an ardent supporter of gun control. Be careful what you wish for? You reap what you sow? Nevertheless a sad story, and one I hope to hear fewer of in the future.

  3. (Agreed, no argument.)

    But it seems that you do not appreciate the gravity of the problem. It is not “gun control zealots”, it is the Zionists disarming America, before total martial law is declared, and the country is enslaved.

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  5. With Giffords and Kelly attempting to fire up the anti-gun machine again, I hope someone brings up this event for their comment, especially in public. The article is correct, this is a “gun control success story”.

  6. I didn’t come up with this quote, but it’s one of my favorites.

    Gun control:

    The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

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