THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry

THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry

With steady wins and progress, the 2nd Amendment has been sludging through the mire of gun control muck to strengthen itself in most states.  On the federal level, Obama and his gun control cadre do not have the juice to push for hard, gun rights-infringing legislation.

So they have decided to attack privacy in more general terms, so they can worm their way into achieving one of their biggest goals and one of the most dire threats to the 2nd Amendment; a National Gun Registry.

But as I said, the 2nd Amendment pro gun movement has been kicking ass and taking names lately so how exactly is Obama and his gun grabbing groupies planning on doing this?  Well, they certainly aren’t going to say the word “Gun” or “Registry”.  They are going to say “Credit Card”.

Ever hear of the Consumer Financial Protection Board? Sounds like a innocuous and benevolent thing, i mean, we’re consumers and we’d like to be protected yet protection comes at a cost.  In this case, the CFPB is before the House of Representatives stating it wants to know what you buy and keep that information.

The CFPB has a data-mining program that will make your purchases government knowledge.  Officials from the CFPB say their performance goal is to monitor at least four out of every five U.S. consumer credit card transactions this year, estimated total around 42 billion transactions.

They also want to monitor up to 95% of all mortgage transactions but lets focus on the buying aspect.

With this invasive and privacy shredding program the federal government will know what you buy, when you buy it and how much of it you buy.  Even if you don’t use a credit card to buy firearms, if you use one to buy ammo or parts for your weapon the fed can extrapolate what you have to some degree.

Credit Cards have become ubiquitous in our culture and we use them all the time and overlook the fact that our lives, reflected on how we spend our money, is viewed by someone.  Previously it was just the CC company…now it’s Big Brother and that is just a bit unsettling.

And debit cards would not be safe from this intrusion either.  You ever notice that little Mastercard or Visa logo on your debit card?  Though it deducts money directly from your bank account the card itself works just like a credit card and as such would fall under this federal snooping.

Everything you buy with a card will be known.  How many of us didn’t want to pull out a wad of greenbacks in order to buy a firearm and instead just put it on the debit card?  Well, with this program from the CFPB, that will be in their database.  A database that is a few button clicks away from a National Gun Registry.

This invasion of privacy needs to be stopped.  No doubt that if States like New York wanted access to this information when they pass some draconian law limiting magazine size or outlawing sport rifles, the Obama Administration would have no issues sharing it.  Then, when Cuomo’s jackbooted thugs bust down your door looking for your “contraband” they will have a detailed list to go on thanks to the Consumer Financial Protection Board.

Don’t you feel protected?

If  the gun grabbers can’t attack directly, they will use any hijacked backdoor method they can.  This data mining program is an outrage to begin with but when you think what they can do with the information, it becomes downright unacceptable.

Hopefully the House of Reps will get this right and crush this further abuse of privacy rights.

If not…use cash.



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  1. This has been happening for years and it’s hasn’t been through CFPB. I don’t have any proof, bc it’s not exactly public knowledge, but I have first hand knowledge of the Sun Fire 15K servers that were setup around 2004-2005 for this express purpose.

  2. I have been teaching myself to use cash for all personal purchases. I decided to do this several months ago. I am paying my bills with the debit card, then cashing out the remainder of my paycheck. I use my debit card to purchase Money orders to pay bills instead of personal checks.
    I felt that I should use my debit card regularly, as I am certain that a sudden change in habits and large sums of money suddenly disappearing from my account would raise red flags somewhere.
    It took a lot of discipline, as I had become so entrenched in the debit card lifestyle, but I am seeing the payoff. I am actually saving a LOT more money, and it’s money that is outside of the bank’s control. I am also being much more faithful to my budget. It’s all a matter of deciding to shed the complacency and laziness which convenience invariably brings!

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